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Dried Grass Straws

Dried Grass Straws

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  • We've seen the reusable straws such as Final Straw that can be foldable, collapsible and at the end of the day you can wash it for next day use. This inspired us for something even better - no plastic, no stainless steel. ...
This product has a minimum quantity of 500

Did you know?

Hundreds of millions straws are being used on earth everyday.

Sip your drink and think about your straw a couple of seconds. We all know using straw is really convenient and a way you enjoy your drinks but that habit adds to environmental issues that may last 1000 years. 

We offer a solution with Dried Grass Straws

Length: 18 cm 

Inner diameter: 4.5 - 6.5 mm

Wall thickness: 0.5 - 0.8 mm

Straw interior: hygiene

Grasses are cultivated from grass fields after growing 1-2 years. The grass fields are not polluted or contaminated by any means chemically or biologically.

Each straw is hand picked. We carefully inspect and pick the finest straws. They are then dried by vacuum dry technique ensuring completely removal of bacteria. 

The shelf life at room temperature: 6 months
Pricing: MOQ: 500pcs 

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